Born in 1969 in Brussels, Belgium, of English parents, Sophie Lloyd moved to France at the age of twelve and continued her studies in Cherbourg (Manche). As a teenager she already showed a great interest in photography, and after the Baccalauréat headed for Paris where she spent a year at the Académie Charpentier (art school). 

This was followed by two years at M.J.M, a chool of photography, where she qualified with honours. Sophie chose reportage and the press as her field of photography and started with a six months apprentiship with the "Figaro Magazine". Having ridden from an early age, Sophie started her freelance career by working for the equestrian press which allowed her to indulge one of her other great interests which is travel. 

Her reportages took her to Rajasthan, Sénégal, Jordan, Turkey and Morocco amongst other  countries. The fact that she is completely bilingual in French and English stood in good stead. An English mother with a large garden and a great love of plants, has perhaps influenced Sophie in her other specialisation - garden photography - which has enabled her to work with French and other international magazines.

"Natural light has always been the most important feature of my photography. Each country, each season, or time of day has it's particular light, which gives a special atmosphere to the subject. A peaceful landscape can change in seconds into one of a drama by a sudden change of light. Nothing ever remains the same".
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